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We are . Late entries are possible but limited. You find our fees here.
Information about the ticket fees please find here. You can find the included Services here. The number of participants is limited to 350 startersThe registration deadline is May 15th 2018 at 6:00 pm.
After your registration you get an e-mail. If not, please inform us or

Best regards from Carinthia, Your organizing team.
Participation list

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Ticket fee




01.06 – 31.08 2017 Early bird (-25%) and 2for1 only for former participants
from 01.09.2017 Special offer -20% € 319 sold out
till 30.11.2017 Special offer -15% € 339 sold out
till 31.12.2017 Special offer -10% € 359 sold out
till 15.05.2018 Regular rate € 399 sold out
till 15.05.2018* Late entries € 449

* 30 Tickets

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Time Trial / Ossiacher See

The Tour the Kärnten second stage starts with a 39 kilometer long single time trial around the Ossiacher Seemore Details

Ironman Lap

The „Ironman round“ changes in the footsteps of one of the most successful Carinthian events – the Carinthian Ironman. …more Details

Top of the Tour

We climb the highest peak of the week – with 1.379hm “Flattnitz”  …more details

Local Lap

The route goes through and around the area of Feldkirchen and is longest stage with the most height meters (more than 117km and 2000hm) with the spectacular finish in „Buggl in Bach“…more Details

Bad Bleiberg

Through the Rosental bypassing Arnoldstein we are riding into the Gailtal direction Windische Höhe with 1.720hm and 105km…more Details

Mountain Time Trial

 We start in Alpen Arena Villach. Relaxed and evenly 16km and about 1150 are waiting for you…more Details

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GABON Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Bank:  Volksbank Feldkirchen, Austria

Account owner GABON Unternehmensberatung GmbH
IBAN AT064213031540690000

Date of the event :

Saturday 19.5. to Thursday 24.5.2018


6 stages in Austria, Carinthia, Lake Ossiach containing stages between 30 and 130 kilometers and up to approx. 2.000 meters in height per day; approx. 450 kilometers and 8.000 meters in height in total


International participants from Austria, Germany, Great-Britain, Hungaria, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Northern-Ireland, Russia, Slowenia and Suisse


A total of approx. 3.000 € in various categories

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1.       Description

6 stages races for (solely/exclusively) racing bicycles with daily time measurement and identification of the overall winner, you also have the option to book the daily stages separately (see next paragraph). You can only become the overall winner of the entire event if you have taken part in every stage race. The daily stages comprise a length of approximately 30 km to 130 km and the participants will have to master up to 2.000 differences in altitude. Moreover there will be refreshment/feeding stations on every stage. Participants will be provided with snacks and refreshments on every stage.

2.       Start/Participation fee

  1. Please find the participation fee here.

3.       Stages

  • All stages start and end in A-9570 Ossiach with the only exception of the mountain-time-race. The town of Bodensdorf will be the starting point of the mountain-time-race and the finish will be at the mountain station of the “Kanzelbahn” on the Gerlitzen. It is the participants´ responsibility to organize the transport/return to Ossiach after the race. The distance from the finish on the Gerlitzen to Ossiach accounts for approx. 30 km.

4.       Details of accomplishments/benefits

  • Accreditation at the starting location (race office) as well as handover of the starter package of:
    • Participant card/ticket
    • Start numbers
    • Roadbook
    • Filled “Startsackerl” with cereal bars, drinks, etc.
    • Professional race office in A-9570 Ossiach
    • The entire route will be signposted with good visible “Tour de Kärnten” signposts
    • Use of the car parking free of charge
    • Mobile route-team to warn the traffic in advance and preceding race-head-vehicle with identification and alarm signals
    • Race control vehicle at the end (“Besenwagen”) in order to protect the last races from normal traffic
    • Bus/vehicle to transport participants that have been left behind or that are exhausted.
    • Control persons on the route making sure that everyone sticks to the rules (road traffic regulations, helmet obligation, no escort vehicles) as well as in case of mayor route changes
    • Emergency doctor and paramedics in another vehicle (at the end) with complete emergency equipment for initial medical care of injured persons.
    • Permanent contact to the local rescue coordination centers and first aid posts in case that patient-centered care or transportation in the event of bigger accidents are needed.
    • Professional start and finish area with gateway cut-offs
    • Professional time taking via chip (bond money: 30 €; refund at the end of the event)
    • Information about the results after ever stage
    • Control posts to take interim times in order to monitor all participants
    • One refreshment/feeding station on every stage
    • Catering/snacks and refreshment in the corresponding finish area
    • Technical service on the route and in the start/finish area (Spare parts need to be paid)
    • Information point in Ossiach in case you have questions concerning your accommodation or information regarding rooms at short notice or caravan parking
    • Photo service for all participants (photos need to be paid)
    • Professional evening events (e.g.: Pasta-Party, music night) with dinner (not included in the start/participation fee), background music, daily prize ceremony, award of the lead tricots, detailed briefing about the next days´ stage, photos of the day etc.
    • Professional closing event at the finish location with dinner (not included in the start/participation fee), background music, daily prize ceremony, overall prize ceremony, award of finisher tricots and prizes, photos of the day/week
    • High-quality finisher tricot and certificate
    • Approximately 3.000 € prize money which will be shared among the three top-ranked participants in the evaluation of the two categories (men and women). The prize will be shared as follows: 50%, 30% and 20%.

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0. Road Traffic Regulations

All Tour de Kärnten participants perform according to the local StVO/Legal Traffic Regulation. Any traffic offence may lead to an immediate disqualification.

1.       General

Everyone can take part in the “Tour de Kärnten”  – Hobby, leisure time and non-professional cyclists. With the official application for this event every participant accepts the rules and regulations and the general terms and conditions.

2.       Minimum Age

“Tour de Kärnten” participants need to be at least 18 years old (Key date is the day before the official start of the Tour)

3.       Health

Every participant of the “Tour de Kärnten” is obliged to verify his/her sanitary conditions (consultation doctor) and needs to be able to proof this to the host in case demanded.

4.       Material

Only racing cycles are admitted at the “Tour de Kärnten”. Consecutively listed material is explicitly not permitted:

  • Triathlon-, horns- respectively delta handle bars (exception time trial)
  • Handle bar attachments of all types
  • Recumbent bikes, unicycles and hand bikes of all types
  • Storage bags and bicycle trailers of all types
  • Bottle holders behind or under the saddle
  • Drinking bottles made from non-deformable materials such as glass, aluminum, etc.
  • E-Bikes

Every participant is obliged to check his bicycle regarding functional efficiency, especially regarding brakes and other security relevant parts. A participant can be excluded from the start of the “Tour de Kärnten” in case of technical deficits of the bicycle.

5.       Evaluation Categories / Winner

Following categories will be evaluated: click here
The winner of each competition class are beeing calculated by addition of individual day results. Any punitive times will be included.

6.       Start Number and Participant Pass

During the entire race every participant has to wear his/her start number easily visible on his/her body (on the back). The advertisement on the start number cannot be hidden. Every participant needs to carry his/her participant card/pass during the entire race. Also the time measurement chips needs to be installed or worn correctly during the entire tour. Elsewise the individual time measurement cannot be carried out. The participant is personally liable in case the chip is lost.

7.       Racing Cycle Check

Previous to the start bicycles will be tested at random regarding technical deficits and if necessary will be excluded from the race. The race-check will take place before the starting lineup at the event location (9570 Ossiach).

8.       Start

In each case begins the starting lineup 30 minutes before the official start. The daily briefing for all starters begins ca. 15 minutes for the official start. The start is open at the most until 10 minutes after the official start. Participants starting up to 10 minutes after the start will be evaluated as if started at the regular start time.

Participants starting after the official start time + 10 minutes will not be evaluated. The starting lineup for the first stage will be carried out in accordance to the start numbers. From the second stage onwards the starting lineup will be carried out in accordance with the positions in the overall ranking. Participants will be evaluated with a net start time.

9.       Registration Control

The register control before every stage is obligatory for all participants.

10.   Neutralized Start

Generally a neutralized start will be announced by the race management at the briefing.

11.   Control Points

For the participants there will be an unknown control point which everyone has to pass on the route of every stage. There will be a time penalty of 30 min for participants not passing those control points but later arriving at the finish (e.g. because one lost its way). It is subject to the jury to impose shorter or longer time penalties.

12.   Finish

At the finish participants need to pass over the contact loops on the ground. Participants passing the finishing line riding on the bicycle after the official end of the race due to exhaustion, deficits or injuries will be charged the maximum ride time of their category (from start to finish) plus 30 minutes (respectively 10 minutes for the time trials), but they will be allowed to start the following day. Participants, not able to pass the finishing line riding on their bicycle due to deficits or injuries (proof necessary) and thus reaching the finish (e. g. with other methods of Transportation) or have to end the stage for those reasons, will be charged the maximum ride time of their category (from start to finish) plus 60 minutes (respectively 20 minutes for the time trials), but they will be allowed to start the following day.

13.   Resignation of the Race

Participants deciding to drop out of the race for whatever reason they might have need to advise the host of the event (race office) or need to call the emergency number written on their participant card/pass immediately and let the host know that they no longer participate. The host will initiate a search operation if participants do not advise the race office, control points or the emergency number of their resignation. Participants will be billed for the costs in regards to the search operation. If you decide to end the “Tour de Kärnten” at an early stage you need to advise the race office, return your chip and possibly cancel booked rooms.

14.   Race Control Vehicle/“Besenwagen”/Minimum Speed

There will be sweep vehicle and a „Besenwagen“ driving behind the last participant. The “Besenwagen” will collect exhausted participants and participants not able to finish the race due to deficits (limited numbers) and will transport them to the finish. The organization will try to organize more transport in case of overfill the. The “Besenwagen” will stay behind the last racer until the end. The instructions of the “Besenwagen” personal need to be obeyed. In case it is foreseeable that a participant will not be able to finish the race in the correspondent race time (the minimum speed depends among other things on the length and the topography of the respective stage), it is at any time subject to the race management to exclude the participant from the race.

The host assumes no liability for any damages of race bicycles or material/equipment that might occur during the transportation in the “Besenwagen”.

15.   Return Chip

You have to return the borrowed chip which you received at the starting location once you reach the finishing area after the last stage. A “Tour de Kärnten” staff will confirm the return in written form. We will impose a charge of 30,- € (withholding of the bond) on all participants who have not returned the chip until the 25.05.2018. Thus please keep your return confirmation until at least the end of July.

16.   Catering and Refreshments

During the race every participant is responsible for his/her own catering and drinks. The host will offer fruit, muesli bars and sport drinks at the catering/feeding station while stocks last. We will indicate those catering/feeding stations on the sign posts at an early stage. In order to receive food/drinks from the catering/feeding station the participants have to indicate this by a clear show of hands. They then need to arrange themselves to the right, drive slowly into the station and finally stop. However the host does not guarantee catering. The participants commit themselves to not leave any rubbish behind in order to ensure a untainted environment.

17.   Adverse Weather Equipment

Every participant has to bring along rain gear and warm clothing in case of adverse weather conditions. The host will check this at random before the start.

18.   Technical Service

Before the start, during the race and after the finish a technical service is offered by the sponsors and service Partners (to be paid). The service vehicle will be equipped with confined tools and spare parts (consumables, inner tubes, etc.). Also a mechanic will be in the service vehicle. They will not hold complete spare wheels at hand. It has to be indicated with a clear show of hands if a participant wants to access the technical service during the race. The racer then has to stop at the right hand side of the street and wait there for the technical service. Adjusting and servicing work is for free. Maintaining work will not be carried out. Spare parts need to be paid by the participants at market costs – possibly after the stage.

19.   Important Rules

The “Tour de Kärnten” takes place on public streets. The streets will not be blocked for the tour.

At all times and under any circumstances participants have to stick to the traffic regulations ofAustria. All participants have to drive at the right hand side of street during the entire stage. Curve cutting is strictly prohibited. During the entire race applies the obligation of wearing a helmet. The helmet has to comply with the accredited DIN-norms. It is prohibited under all circumstances to through away or drop things on the ground especially food/drink packaging, bottles or cups. Riding vehicles accompanying the race are not permitted during the entire event. Accompanying vehicles can only be used outside of the race and are not allowed to affect the course of the race in no way. “Tour de Kärnten” staff will check this. Slow races need to clear the way immediately for overtaking racers. Unclear parts of the route need to be driven with great care, participants have to be ready to break at all times during downhill parts and anticipate oncoming traffic. You are not allowed to go across closed railroad crossings once the red light is on. There will not be a time credit if participants have to wait at railroad crossings. Generally participants have to repair deficits themselves and alongside the street. Changing lanes as well as hindering others is not allowed when sprinting to the finish. The host reserves him-/herself the right to cancel the entire race, respectively cancel individual stages.

Slipstreaming at the Time Trials (Single, Mountain) is not allowed (minimum distance 10 meters). In case of overtaking a previous driver one needs to keep the appropriate distance (according to StVO)

Reason for a cancelation could be among others acts of nature beyond control (e.g. bad weather), extraordinary or unpredictable situations. In this case participants are not entitled to a proportionate refund of the start fee. Furthermore it is impossible to derive the right for any claims for damages due to the cancelation.

20.   “Tour de Kärnten” Staff, Time Penalties, Disqualifications

The rules listed above will be checked during the entire event by „Tour de Kärnten“ staff. Non-observance of those rules will result in precise warnings by the staff. Also staff will report any non-observance to the jury. It is subject to the jury whether they will disqualify participants or impose time penalties.

  • Non-observance of road traffic regulations
  • Environmental pollution
  • Non-observance of the rules and regulations
  • Lack of sportsmanship
  • Technical deficits of equipment
  • Health problems of participant
  • Doping

21.   Finisher

One has to finish every stage of the entire tour in accordance with the rules and regulations in order to win the „Tour de Kärnten” and thus become the official overall winner. Even though one has not finished one of the stages of the tour he/she can maintain in the overall ranking and still become official overall winner, if one of the following special rules apply to the racer once:

  • Racer/Participant did not take part in 1 of the 6 stages (reasons: injuries, technical deficits, theft of bicycle, etc.)
  • Racer/Participant cannot finish 1 of the 6 stages by own means (reasons: injuries, technical deficits, etc.)
  • Racer/Participant finishes 1 of the 6 stages after official close of finish (reasons: injuries, technical deficits, etc.)

The stated size of the finisher jersey at the registration is binding.

22.   Doping

The host of the event reserves the right to carry out doping controls. Every participant proven convictable of doping will be disqualified without exception.

23.   Outside Help

It is not allowed to accept any help from outside; especially pushing, pulling or cycling in the wind shadow by third parties or accompanying vehicles is prohibited. Exempt from this regulation is the passing of food/snacks, drinks, clothing or spare parts through companions standing at the roadside and medical help through the “Tour de Kärnten”  medical service.

24.   Protest and Jury

Every participant has the right to protest against breaches of rules of other participants or against decision made by the race management or name witnesses until one hour after the official close of finish at the latest.  Protests have to be made in the race office. A jury consisting of three members (race management, head organization, head time taking) will debate the protest and will reach a decision by the end of the day or next morning before the start. There will be a protest charge of 50 €. If the protest is lost the charge will be borne by the host.

25.   Accountability

Every participant is responsible for his/her own security. Host, organizer or sponsors will not assume liability for any damages and injuries suffered or caused by the participants. One condition for the participation is that every participants agrees that he/she will cover/bear any threats against him-/herself or his/her property, resulting from the organization of the event and will not put in any claims against persons, institutions or firms that undertake or have undertaken the event.  The host reserves himself the right to exclude/disqualify any participant who does not obey the rules and regulations. In the case of disqualification the participant is not entitled to any claims of recourse.

26.   Penalties´ Catalogue

The jury will announce penalties in case of any offenses. More so at any time the jury is qualified to impose any penalties which are not content of this catalogue. The length of the time penalty will be defines as the case may be.


  • Starting lineup with bicycle contrary to rules


  • Start number not put in place noticeable

Warning and time penalty:

  • Wrong starting lineup
  • Deliberate hindrance of other participant
  • Participants holding on to a vehicle
  • Mechanical help contrary to rules
  • Non-observance of road traffic regulations
  • Discarding rubbish, drinking bottles etc.
  • Cars, caravans, motorbikes accompanying participants, and interfering the tace

Disqualification from the race:

  • Non-observance of road traffic regulations (StVO 1960)
  • Dangerous and/or aggressive manner
  • Passing closed railroad crossings
  • Passing red traffic lights
  • Not wearing or taking off the helmet during the race
  • Insults, threats, incorrect behavior
  • Attempt to be classified without having finished the entire route/stage
  • Doping
  • Non-observance of instructions of the race management, staff, and control posts etc.

Note: All instructions /declarations are made with reservations and may be subject to change.

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1) Operative range – application

a) „Tour de Kärnten“ is an event of GABON Unternehmensberatung GmbH

b) Changes of the general terms and conditions will be published online on The general terms and conditions, valid edition/version at time of registration, are part of the contract between the host and the participant. The general terms and conditions are valid in the german version only.

c) With his daily signature at the race office the participant declares that he has a valid liability insurance and an accident insuracen for Austria.

2) Conditions for participation and measures of safety

a) Everyone having fulfilled his/her 18th year of his/her life on the 18th of May 2018 can take part in the Event (in individual cases exceptions are possible by the organization). Equipment e.g. helmet, drinking bottles etc., which does not comply with the description mentioned in the rules and regulations section or which could affect the safety or health of the participants in any way, are forbidden.

b) Organizational measures or changes of the advertisement will be announced by the host before the beginning of the event. Participants have to obey the instructions given by the host, his/her clearly indicated staff as well as the police. The host has the right to exclude the respective participant from the event and/or announce the disqualification at any time in case that any participant infringes the provisions with the result that the event cannot take place according to the rules, the security of other participants is endangered or the road traffic regulations are in breach.

Only authorized people can give legally binding declarations in the face of participants.

3) Registration and terms of payment

a) The registration can only be carried out through the homepage The online registration is binding for all participants. The participant will receive a confirmation once the online registration is completed successfully.

A legally binding contract with regard to the participation of the event does not come about until the participation fee (full amount) is paid and the ticket is send to the participant. In case the participation fee is not paid on the due date (at the latest 5 working days after the online registration) the host can make use of his/her right to resign from the contract by means of disconfirmation resulting in the expiration of the ticket.

b) The participation fee amounts to € 399 for each participant. You can find a detailed description of the scope of services and benefits on

c) Payments can only be carried out by means of bank transfer. Costs originating/arising from a refund will always be at the expense of the participant.

d) The participation can only be transferred to another person if the participant comes to an agreement with the host regarding this issue.

e) There is no claim for refund (participation fee) in case the participant does not lineup for the event or informs the host his/her non-attendance before the beginning of the event.

f) In line with the accreditation every participant will receive his/her starting documents/papers however only on presentation of his/her signed declaration of liability and his/her personal ID card/passport. In case a participant is not in a position to collect his/her starting documents/papers in person, he/she has to authorize another person in written form for the collection of the starting documents/papers. Distribution/shipment of the starting documents/papers will not be carried out.

g) GABON has the right to exclude or disqualify participants from the event, if:

  • the participant had given wrong information e.g. individual-related data
  • the participant does not obey or acts against the rules and regulations and/or notes and considerations (before or during the event)
  • the participant disturbs the event effectively or endangers him-/herself or others
  • the participant does not obey the instructions of the event management or respectively of the staff.

h) Following terms of cancelation apply for the „Tour de Kärnten”:

  • The participant will get back 90% of the participant fee for cancelations up to and including the 31 of January 2018
  • The participant will get back 50% of the participant fee for cancelations up to and including the 31st of March 2018
  • From the 1st of April 2018 participants will get back 10% of the participant fee on presentation of medical certificate.
  • Minimum cancellation fee 39€.
  • the tarifs “2for1” and „early bird“ are excepted from the terms of cancelation. Please contact us for further information.

i) The transfer of the participation spot to third parties is only allowed by the host and not by the participant due to the fact that starting positions are personalized.

j) A cancelation of the registration of the event can only be carried out in written form.

4) Cancelation of event/Default

a) Participants are not entitled to a refund of the participation fee as well as any refund in regards to any damages, such as journey and/or accommodation costs in case the event or individual stages have to be cancelled due to acts of nature beyond control (e.g. bad weather), cancelation or break-off/disruption of the race on grounds of reasons not caused by the host.

5) Exclusion of liability

a) Claims for damages from the participant to the host or third parties that have been assigned by the host to undertake something are not allowed.

b) The host does not assume liability for any health risks the participant might suffer in regard with the participation of the “Tour de Kärnten”. Every participant is obliged to check and ensure his/her health conditions for the participation and to verify those if demanded.

c) The host does not assume liability for any lost objects of value, clothing and objects of equipment.

d) The host does not assume liability for loss of efficiency resulting from the fact that a participant is completely or partly restrained from taking part in the race/event due to legal directives and/or governmental instructions.

e) The host has the right to collect possible originated costs from participants

f) The liability of the operator for damages in connection with the event towards the participant are excluded

The host has the right to collect some or all possible originated costs in case a participant assigns third parties to undertake an action e.g. rescue service. More the participant has to cover all costs associated with the actions undertaken by the participant.

6) Data collection and data utilization

a) Personal data given by the participant during the registration process will be saved and will only be processed with the intention to undertake and handle the event. This applies especially for data/information necessary for the handling of payments. With the registration participants agree to the detention of data for the intended purpose.

b) The participant complies with the fact that any pictures and videos taken as well as interviews given and recorded during the entire event or in any relation to the event can be processed and published on radio, on television, in printed media, in books and as photomechanical copies (movies, tapes, etc.) without any claims for compensation.

Furthermore the participant complies with the transmission of any personal data for the purpose of mailing photos of the participants on the route/during the race and at the finishing line. There exists no obligation for the purchase of any photos.

c) The participant complies with the transmission of any personal data to third parties for the purpose time measurements, preparation of the result lists as well as with the placement of those lists online.

d) The participant complies with the publication of his/her surname, first name, year of birth, team name, starting number and results (ranking and times) in all event relevant print media (participant lists, result lists etc.) and in all electronic media such as the internet.

e) The participant can disagree with the transmission and publication of his/her personal data in written form, via fax or e-mail.

7) Insurance

a) It is recommended to conclude private travel cancelation insurance.

b) It is recommended to conclude private general liability insurance for this kind of event or respectively check already existing insurances.

Note: All instructions /declarations are made with reservations and may be subject to change.

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